the minimal frame windows that feature 20mm visible profiles and 29m² sliding panels

The window is at the core of architecture's quest for light.
Le Corbusier, Cinq points vers une nouvelle architecture (1926)
— panoramah!
United Kingdom
In 2010 panoramah!® started introducing the minimal frameless glass in to the United Kingdom. It was a groundbreaking design and product service that was eagerly welcomed by early adopting and forward thinking design studios and architectural glass partners.

Through collaboration with local and international architectural firms panoramah!® UK successfully managed and completed high end projects in Britain, France, Italy, Caribbean and the Channel Islands. At the same time it quickly established itself as an award winning London business mainly focusing on the design, supply and installation of glazing packages for residential extensions.

Continuing our commitment to innovation with quality and design we have extended our expertise to a wider portfolio of bespoke glazing solutions for larger scale projects and have been supporting and working with specialized partners in Greater London, Southwest, Midlands and in the North.

Through the continuous diversification of our craftsmanship and know-how we were privileged and thrilled to work in high profile projects such as at the Water Tower in Kennington featured in the 100th episode of Grand Designs.

For over 10 years we have been involved in an ongoing schedule of renovation, refurbishment and improvements to luxury properties. Recently our experience working in listed and heritage buildings led us to work at the Cromwell Galleries.

Discerning architects continue to challenge us for the finest details and the highest quality. We can provide state of the art minimal technology that includes optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, using the panoramah!® 60 glazing system.

Now for the first time with a strong heritage of and interest in innovation, we are very excited by this new window product.  
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Service Quality
panoramah!® is ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certified and constantly updating its technical information and requirements to be competitive in a global market, aiming to overcome great challenges and to match designers’ and clients’ expectations. The proximity of our teams’ relationship with our clients goes beyond the project’s execution, and is based, above all, on meeting their expectations before and after project completion.
Product Quality
panoramah! is NP 4457:2007 certified, an R&D and Innovation Management System that increases efficiency and effectiveness within an innovation context.

The technologies employed by panoramah! aim to achieve excellence and effectiveness in acoustic and thermal performance, ease of use, resistance to wear and security against intrusion. They are being constantly perfected and developed to overcome diverse, demanding performance challenges and to become technically and cost efficient.
panoramah! is the state of the art in windows.
— minimalist
The minimalist window is a system that explores the structural properties of glass, allowing fully operable large (and extra-large) glazed surfaces with extremely slender frames. It results from the combination of different manufacturing and post-processing methods, particularly glass tempering and lamination alongside structural binding with modified silicones and silyl-based polymers. Unlike traditional window systems, the frame only ensures motion, air and water tightness and, if needed, additional structural reinforcement.

Minimalist windows, therefore, offer unmatched visual transparency and natural illumination as well as a complete integration in architectural elements, providing visual continuity between interior and exterior. Besides, the small dimensions of the door and window frames are easily concealable in walls, floors and ceilings. Furthermore, panoramah! design maintains constant thickness throughout the entire perimeter of the door/window enabling easy adaptation of the system and its customization according to the requirements of any architectural project.

Alongside its highly aesthetic concerns, panoramah! is all about precision, efficiency, durability, easiness of use and maintenance. The sliding glass panes are balanced and self-centred by the modular double bearing rails, offering a light and smooth operability even with large panels up to 29m², weighing up to 1.800kg/m. These one-metre-long rails are easily maintained or replaced, ensuring the system’s exceptional reliability through time.

panoramah! system accommodates an unlimited number of panes up to 60mm double or triple-glazed units, which may be motorised and complies the most demanding international performance and security requirements (RC4). Designed according to Minergie-P and Passivhaus standards, panoramah!’s triple-glazed units provide exceptional thermal (up to 0.8W/m².k) and acoustic (up to 44dB) performances.

Additionally, the system offers high flexibility of opening typologies – horizontal and vertical sliding, skylight, pivot and tilt-and-turn products –, different thermally-broken materials – aluminium, stainless steel, architectural bronze and composite wood – as well as a series of add-ons – multipoint lock systems, intrusion detectors, heated glass, customized motorisation, leaf-break (soft close), integrated insect screens, balustrades, etc. – efficiently responding to the challenges of contemporary architectural design.

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